The Benefits of NanoEmulsion

As time goes by, the increase of technological advancements has ben exponential, especially in the area of health and wellness. In this particular case, scientists have developed a technology called "Emulsifiers" that work to creat Nanoemulsions, which break down compounds into micro-sized particles that increase the bioavailibility of a variety of ingredients. This new tech being introduced into the health and wellness industry, including the CBD industry, has been a huge advancement that will change the way consumers benefit from their health and wellness products.


To give a broad overview, nanoemulsions are kinetically stable and clear solutions made up of insoluble, microscopic particles. These particles are distributed evenly within a mixture of oil, water and other substances. They are responsible for reducing the tension of the surface, while working to stabilize the mix by combining surfacant molecules. These particles are so small they range from 5-200 nanometers. If you are not sure how big a nanometer is, that is one-billionth of a meter. That number looks like 0.000000001 of 1 meter! Making the particles so small allows them to combine with larger molecules they would not usually be able to mix with, opening up a who;e new world of possibilities.


Each type of nanoemulsion is different depending on the composition of mixture, but all have close to the same concept. For all Nanoemulsions listed below, the interface becomes stable when adding the right blend of surfacants or cosurfacants.

  • Water in Oil W/O: Distributing water droplets in the oil phase
  • Oil in Water O/W: Distributing oil droplets in the aqueous phase
  • Bicontinuous: When droplets of oil and water disperse within the system of mixture


Now that you know a little about what NanoEmulsion is, here are some of the advantages of Nano-emulsified products:

  • Enhanced absorption and bioavailability
  • Extremely helpful in making lipophilic products soluble
  • Product flavor is less obvious
  • Enables the product to have an effecient penetration into the solution
  • Much more!


Most CBD products are offered in oil tinctures or softgels because CBD is a lipophilic molecule. Which means that CBD is not a fan of water and would rather mix with lipids or fat.

This has hindered CBD's full potential since most of the products being consumed are only able to have a percentage of CBD being utilized as it cannot cross the blood barrier. Here is a small list of how nanotechnology is helping to revolutionize CBD products:

  • Enhanced Bioavailability
  • Promotes Direct Apsorption vs. Liver Apsorption
  • More CBD Retained
  • Reduced Dissolution
  • Faster onset of benefits
  • Longer Shelf Life


Just like CBD, other health & wellness products face the problem that the body does not absorb all the nutrients given. But, by using nanotechnology, individuals can feel more confident that the benefits and nutrients they are suppose to receive are being delivers at a greater bioavailability and greater results.This will help reduce the need for excess nutrients in order to be absorbed fully and will prove to be a major trailblazer for the future of health & wellness products.