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We only use the finest organic hemp derived CBD. Less is more with Nano Technology. Bioavailable, water soluble CBD is efficiently absorbed into your body requiring less with faster results.

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"Nothing other than prescription drugs helped my anxiety until now, CR11's Water Soluble Tincture has given me my life back! I had almost given up on CBD, even though I knew it's benefits for helping anxiety, none of it was working. The difference between regular CBD and CR11 Water Soluble CBD is immeasurable. Thank you, Gina!" Aubrey F.

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600 mg water soluble cbd tincture
Is known for its positive effects with chronic pain, anxiety & depression, sleep disorders, lowering blood pressure, reducing seizures in epilepsy patients, improving symptoms related to cancer, CBD can also protect against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's; according to scientific research.
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instant pain relief
For professional athletes, weekend warriors and everyone in between
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25mg Blue Raspberry Gummies
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cbd in skincare

Increases hydration, reduces inflammation, reduces acne, anti-aging, antibacterial, soothes, heals and reduces oxidative stress

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"I love the Vitamin C Serum so much, I would bathe in it! I use it every morning on my face, neck and decollotage and have noticed a significant difference in the appearance of my skin" Jennifer M.


"Since I have been taking CR11 Sleep Support, I feel like a new man! I had struggled with insomnia for years, but no longer. There is nothing better than a full nights sleep! Thank you CR11! Tim S.


"I love the way my tattoos look with the Tattoo Cream. I used it during the healing process also, which I think made my latest tattoo heal faster. The cream calmed my skin immediately following the tattoo and the swelling never came back, I had very little scabbing either! I will recommend CR11 Tattoo Cream to all of my friends and clients!" Jeff H.

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Why do our bodies love Cbd?

Because our bodies come equipped with cannabinoid receptors, CBD can be very effective in treating symptoms as well as the root problem.

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seed to body

Like the chef driven farm to table concept, all of our products are crafted from hemp straight from the farm. You can follow the process by scanning the QR code on each product.