Why is Nanoemulsion the Latest Craze in CBD Products? And Why Should You Care?

If you’re exploring the world of CBD for the first time, you might be running into the word “nanoemulsion” a lot. There’s a good reason for that. Here’s what you need to know.

As long as humans have been aware of hemp’s healing properties, we’ve been making CBD distillates. Using oils and other fats to suspend the bioactive compounds found in hemp is a low-tech and relatively effective way of isolating their desirable properties.

But buckle up CBD enthusiasts because there’s a new distilling method in town. As the industry has expanded with a rising tide of legalization, more resources have been dedicated to discovering the most effective ways to distill and consume this cannabinoid. The result is nanoemulsion, the latest CBD innovation. 

What is Nanoemulsion?

The name sounds pretty sci-fi, but nanoemulsion is quickly becoming a regular part of the world of CBD. And in fact, the more you dig in, the more remarkable this process is.

As the name implies, nanoemulsion works by breaking down CBD molecules into tiny nanoparticles, a fraction of their original size. Targeted ultrasonic waves bombard the molecule until it shatters, creating a substance that the body can absorb much more quickly than the large molecules of conventionally processed CBD, which break down in oil, rather than the water that is naturally present in the body. 

The result is a collection of tiny, more easily absorbed CBD molecules that can enter your bloodstream with maximum efficiency and speed.

Why does nanoemulsion matter?

The chief advantage of using nanoemulsion technology is creating a water-soluble product. While at first glance, the question of whether a substance breaks down in oil or water doesn’t seem like a significant distinction, but since our body is primarily made up of water, using a substance that naturally fits in with human’s chemical composition means CBD created with nanoemulsion technology absorbs faster and more efficiently.

Traditionally produced oil-based CBD products are more challenging for the body to absorb. As a result, your body can only utilize a small percentage of the stated dosage on the packaging of whatever CBD product you’ve consumed. Products such as CBD drinks and sweets don’t typically tell consumers their distillation method, meaning your body might only be able to absorb a fraction of the dose the product contains. Using water-soluble CBD produced with nanoemulsion technology, you get the exact stated dose every time.

This water solubility also means that CBD produced with nanoemulsion techniques is easy to add to your favorite beverage and won’t float on the surface like a traditional oil-based CBD product would. You can take water-soluble CBD the same way you take an oil-based CBD, squirting it under your tongue and swishing it around your mouth, but you can also swallow it directly or add it to sparkling water, soda, or fruit juice, and still be sure you’ll receive the full dosage.  

Nanoemulsion and CBD.

When it comes to creating fast-acting, consistent CBD products, there’s no better technology than nanoemulsion. That’s why we used it to make our mint tincture, an excellent tasting dose of CBD power with unparalleled efficiency. Here are a few things we love about using nanoemulsion to create a tincture that works:

High bioavailability

This basically means your body can utilize all the CBD contained in a product produced with nanoemulsion. Instead of passing through the body unabsorbed, water-based CBD gets put to good use as soon as you ingest it.

Consistent dosage

Because of the high absorption rates of water-based CBD, you know you’ll get the same dose each time you use a product created with nanoemulsion technology. A consistent dosage means you can replicate your ideal CBD experience over and over again.

Super convenient

Because it dissolves in any water-based substance, you can add CBD created with nanoemulsion technology to all your favorite drinks. Smoothies, cocktails, beer, even a scoop of sorbet--the world is your oyster!

Fast-acting relief

Unlike oil-based CBD, which takes as long as a traditional edible to absorb, nanoemulsion means that water-based CBD can enter the bloodstream directly. This leads to fast-acting relief mere minutes after ingestion.

Increased Stability

Because you don’t have to worry about the carrier oil expiring, water-based CBD has a shelf life near twice that of traditionally produced CBD products. So if you’re someone who takes CBD occasionally, rather than as a regular part of your wellness routine, you don’t have to worry about your tincture expiring.

As much as we love traditional oil-based CBD, there’s no arguing with the facts. Nanoemulsion gets the job done, creating a powerful, predictable CBD experience with every dose.