About Us

My journey towards CR11 started like many others - in search of pain relief. I have always tried the natural approach to medicine for myself and my family. Over the counter and prescription pharmaceuticals were and continue to be a last resort. 

I understood how CBD works in the body, but it was ineffective for me and I couldn't understand what I was doing wrong, not to mention the expense!

Then I found out about Nano Technology and its effect on CBD, it made a world of difference and I began to feel the benefits almost immediately! I felt amazing! 

I began researching CBD and learning all the ways CBD is beneficial, and that we are made to receive CBD through receptors that we have in our bodies. Insert exploding head emoji. 

That is when I decided to start CR11. On a hemp farm on County Rd. 11 (hence the name) we made the first salve on the kitchen stove. That eventually became the Instant Freeze Relief Rub then the tincture. The Ageless Skin began as a direct result of my noticing the signs of aging. The Tattoo Conditioning Cream is my #1, absolute favorite product and my tattooed community has been a huge support!

Our health should be at the top of our list of priorities (put your oxygen mask on first) but as a mother of three, I rarely did. That is why, we at CR11 strive to create products that help you feel better and look better, helping you to create a higher quality of life for you and your family!

This is my mission. 

                                                                                        Love, Gina 

Track each product from seed to shelf using the QR code on every label.